NGOs are under increasing scrutiny from all sides – they are finding that the Trust Chain is broken, so worthwhile projects are not funded, do not deliver to expectations, or are not sustained.

Many investors / donors are active in trying to solve issues, but lack local resources independent of operations to provide good oversight.

They find that they cannot rely on existing verification / audit processes, but rigorous investigation costs too much and is difficult to organize and manage.

You want clear and regular information about how your money is being spent – and that it is producing the desired results.

Transpear has a mission to ensure that you know what is actually happening to your funds.

Therefore, we work for the funder, providing regular structured, crowdsourced and comprehensive updates from specialist engineers and other relevant experts, so that you know work has been completed properly, at each stage.

The interim reports build to a final document, setting out the project’s progress in a bound book, with photography and commentary, as a permanent record of the project.